The Tramp and Film Johnny

I love Charlie Chaplin and here  he is  in the classic roll that made him a star, The Tramp. While Film Johnny is not without its strong points it is still not as humorous or as resounding as Chaplin’s The Tramp.Interestingly enough Chaplin had portrayed the same basic character before but for some reason this film struck a cord with audiences. In this short Chaplin managed to capture the voice of the common working class citizens of America during the great depression with this most famously charming and befuddled character. The plot is simple, man falls in love, hilarity ensues, and rather than be a problem in an already troubling time, the tramp leaves his love behind and travels down to road to more adventures.  The film was a milestone that has withstood the test of time and remains one of the greatest examples of American short films beginnings and progress.


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