The Great Train Robbery, The Greatest of All Time?

The Great Train Robbery( 1903) is without a doubt, a milestone in film making. Being only a twelve minute short film, it managed to brake ground and better hone film techniques that are still used to this day. The plot literally focuses on a great train robbery performed by a group of bandits. While the plot may leave something to be desired, the film did manages to marvel audiences with the use of the technology. The film was one of the first of its kind to use cross cutting, double exposure, composite editing, and on location shooting. By today’s definition this is the standard for all film makers, however it was the first time that these techniques were truly utilized and almost perfect, along with the use of hand painting various scenes to be one of the earliest films to use color. Is this the greatest short film of all time, hardly. Is this one of the most influential films ever made, absolutely, and to that effect it has earned a place in the national film archives where it will be preserved and hopefully inspire filmmakers for generations to come.


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