The Sealed Room is not be sealed away!

Borrowing from the classic Edgar Allen Poe piece “A Cask of Amontillado” , The Sealed Room serves as one of short films early great accomplishments. The plot centers around a king who constructs a windowless room/ love nest for he and his concubine. She turns to the troubadour and while the two are having an affair the king has his masons seal the only exit, hence “the sealed room”. This film serves as one of the most captivating short films of all time. Through the use of editing techniques perfected in films like The Great Train Robbery, The Sealed Room is able to create an atmosphere and narrative never before seen by the world. Being made in 1909 this film is definitely dated, and while it does not has to smoothness and fluidity that a film made today would have, it is still an overall enjoyable experience to watch. That being said, The Sealed Room might not be the best short film ever made, but it will always remain as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the early film industry.


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