What exactly happened at, An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge?!


Borrowing heavily from the short story of the same name, An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge is a land mark in film technique. This is the story of a man being hung off of a bridge that miraculously evades capture after said noose brakes, only to arrive home and find that [SPOILER] the entire escape took place in the millisecond before his neck snaps from said hanging. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time that a film had really played with the concept of time and what was actually taking place. The incredible thing about this film is that it allows for the viewer to figure out  for themselves that the man is actually dead, it however manages to successfully captivate rather than over simplify, all without the use of dialogue. This short film used very impressive techniques  in order to really help viewers understand what was truly taking place in the film, that to this day still inspire great full length films, such as Christopher Nolan’s Memento. So, what actually occurred at owl creek bridge? Greatness. Fantastic short and you should see it anyway you can.



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