I’ll rave on and on about Red Balloon!

Fantastic Camera Work

Considered by many to be the greatest short film of all time, red balloon follows the story of an inanimate red balloon as it goes around with a small boy. What is truely captivating and inspirational about this short is that they were able to very clearly convey a genuine sense of emotion for this red balloon. To be able to give character and life to a lifeless object was a true feet and clearly set the foundations for short film makers for generations to come. Having seen this short is very obvious that other masters of short films, pixar studios, must have been inspired by this picture. Pixar, simply put, would not exist had it been for the ground broke by this short film. Directorialily this film is also worthy of praise. The interactions between the boy and his balloon are truely heart warming and captivating. There is a phenomenal attention to detail in the camera work of this short. Shots like the one featured above show the beauty and majesty that the vibrant red balloon has on this bleak backdrop, inspiring and improving the child’s mood as well as our own.

That being said The Red Balloon is an astounding achievement in short film making in that they were able to give a true sense of sentience to this obviously inanimate object, the red balloon. It is a very interesting and captivating journey to take, especially when driven by an inanimate object. This short seems oddly simmilar to soon to be released film “Rubber” about a tire that rolls around on miss adventures, much like the balloon here does. However inspirational or captivating this short is, it is clear that since its release in nineteen fifty six The Red Balloon has remained and will continue to remain one of the most significant works in the field of cinema.


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