I’ll catch the next train on the ‘The Daybreak Express’!

This is a beautiful short that would be enjoyed by anyone! It is very fast and simple but has a fun sense of livelyhood and is just an all around enjoyable experience to view. Being shot from the point of view of a passanger on a subway train going around New York City, the audience is privy to a very rare view of how one man emotionally interprits one of his favorite places in the world.  It is truly remarkable how director D A Pennebaker is able to capture to pure feeling of hustle and bustle that New York is so well known for, while setting the journey to the Duke Ellington song of the same name. There is a real sense of New York City from this short, lasting only as long as the song that inspired the short, it is astounding to see the captivating landscapes change and grow as ever diverse as the cities inhabitants themselves. Almost a music video this short stands as a landmark in short film, eventually inspiring other directors to create films showing their love for their various homes and regions.


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