I loose my head over “The Man Without A Head”(2003)

The Man Without a Head

This short is a perfect example of the beauty that this medium can have. This is a gloriously shot film, with apparently no special effects. If this is truely the case then this short film is all the more stunning because of it. The setting for this short is a futuristic industrial world that is beautifully designed and colorfully decedent giving the film an almost steampunk feel. Early in this film we are given glimpse to what really makes this film work and that is the heart. As you watch the man without a head dance gleefully around his room all you can feel is happiness for the man, but wait, he has no head.
Using cleaver camera trickery the man tries on several heads and is only displeased, finally finding the right head, and then realizes the color of his hands don’t match. It is a very humorous concept that manages to develop very real emotions for the lead character through all his actions and a beautiful composed score. This film ends by seeming to make the claim that maybe true love doesn’t need a head or face to go with it.


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