I’m stung by “Wasp”!(2003)

This short provides an all to realistic look at what happens to most people that are far to young to be having children. Here we see a woman struggling to maintain some kind of lpersonal life while trying to single handedly raise her three children. Rather than put the children first this mother decides its a good idea to take them to the pub with her. These are the most tense moments of the film by far.  The tension built by a single wasp flying towards the baby of the group is unimaginable, horrifying, and all together captivating. You will really care for this child, to a point where you yourself might need to stand up and scream someone help these children.

The children eagerly await their mother

Beautifully shot, this film shows viewers another side of England, a side most don’t know exist, the impoverished lower class. This is a hard film to watch, only because of how badly you will feel for these children. Seeing the children trying to emulate their mother when you know that her bar outfit is less than flattering will bring you to near tears. Eventually Zoe (the mother) comes to her senses and is able to take responsibility for her children with a little help from her nice date. This is a wonderful short and I highly recommend seeing it.


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