By any other name he shall remain, “The Perfect Human”(1976)

Originally released in 1967, directed and narrated by Jorgen Leth, the perfect human began as a black and white short that essentially stands to mock the ideals of perfection, almost satirically presenting itself as a documentary style film. Ironically enough many hail this as the perfect film as it has developed quite an impressive following of mainly due to the fact that this short touts many of the concepts featured within the Dogme Manifesto. The truly captivating thing about this film is the life that it has since taken on. Initially beginning as a challenge, author (one of many on the Dogme Manifesto) and student of Leth, Lars von Trier posed that his mentor should take his concepts a step further and remake the film five more times. This eventually became the five short release called “The Five Obstructions” released in 2003.

This series serves as a beautifully crafted study on the craft of film making. In the final of the five shorts von Trier takes the idea of crafting a film and narrative and completely turns it upsidedown. He goes as far as to have Leth direct and act in a short staring himself, almost forcing the cinema master to reveal his own imperfections. It is a truly remarkable undertaking and while this series does insist upon its own avaunt-guard concepts at times it is still one of the most visually appealing and captivating pieces that can be seen. If perfection is captivation then the name will say it all, “The Perfect Man” is an enjoyable series of shorts with enough artistic flair to enthrall audiences for the past thirty years


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