Get it while you can because there’s only, “Three To Go:Michael”(1969)


From director Peter Weir ( The Truman Show) comes an impeccable short about the social conflicts and turmoil that was taking place in Australia during the Vietnam War. This film is obviously one of Weir’s earliest works as this short suffers from a similarly tumultuous narrative structure that is often times to convoluted to even comprehend. Once you find the plot you’ll come to realize that this film bares striking narrative similarities to some of Weir’s other famous works, ala The Truman show and The Dead Poet’s Society .

This short centers around Micheal a rebellious caught between his younger generation and a fellow activists older generational ideals. More so resembling Dead Poet’s the films central ideals are that of a non conformist youthful rebel, most likely the kind that Weir himself was at the time. While this isn’t his best work this short serves as a clear precursor to this acclaimed directors later and far superior works. It does my heart good to see that with time and better understanding you can see a director grow and become a better master of his craft, as Peter Weir has done over his forty plus year career.


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