“The Grandmother” (1970)

If there is any one director that defines auteur cinema, it would have to be David Lynch, and this short is a perfect example of his genera defining direction. This is by no means as good as “Eraserhead” (1976), the film that launched Lynch’s career, it is however an understandable and welcomed predecessor. If you have ever seen that film you will immediately notice the similarities and tonal shifts that Lynch has become so well known for. There is an incredible use of darkness in this short and the sound design creates that signature creeping and frightening Lynch feeling.

As with most of David Lynch’s work this is not for the weak of heart or those with a sensitive gag reflex. The actual “birth” of the grandmother character is perhaps the shorts most grotesque part, featuring the main character using his own ejaculate to grow a tree on his bed that then ejaculates the grandmother. The point of this short is understandable, a grandmothers love is the best and most real kind of love, but the structure is often times to difficult to get passed. If you can stomach all of Lynch’s bizarre character designs and frighteningly off putting sound then you will enjoy this short, if the macabre isn’t your perticular brand of cinema then avoid this short.


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