Good Work Klaus!

This is hysterical German dark mockumentary about the absurdities of workplace instruction video’s.  This short is as offbeat and zany as say the black knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail while still taking itself as seriously as a filmic mockumentary in the vain of This is Spinal Tap .

A reaction to an absurd end

The only comment that i could derive from this film is that there is a real level of absurdity to the amount of accidents that can potentially happen while doing the most menial of tasks. If you have ever worked a day in your life you have probably seen a video at your orientation that, not unsurprisingly, looks very similar to this short film. It is quit a concept and executed with the greatest level of comedic timing and action in mind, because really, how likely are these absurd things likely to happen?  It is a fairly gory and dark comedy and might be to much for some to find humorous, but if you get a kick out of Looney Tunes level absurdities in your character deaths than this short is for you.


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