Heading down “Das Rad”

This is a fantastic German made stop clay animation film noir project, lasting only slightly over a minute, while still making some fairly great points. I’d like to begin by saying that I love this medium. I grew up in the heyday of the California Raisins, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and a slew of other Saturday morning favorites that utilized this medium to it’s fullest. I could even argue that this medium was representative of short films in that most this genera came out as two to seven minutes sketches as part of larger shows, that however is a discussion for another post.

The stones observing humanities development

The narrative gives life to two piles of stones and follows their interesting journey as they watch society develop and inexorably implode on itself. The idea of time passing by so quickly for stones is an interesting concept seemingly being inspired by the monolith of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, giving sentience to said stones only a the pinnacle developments in humanities ability to build things. It is that same ability to build that also leads humanity to once again bring their greatest creations back down to where their initially developed from, the rubble. If history is cyclical then we are doomed to repeat our mistakes, perhaps the only thing that can truly stand the test of time are the stones we build our foundations upon.


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