I’ll play fetch with this “Inja”

A word that literally means dog complete with a story that follows the relationship one can develop with mans best friend. This is simply put, a boy and his dog story under the most terrible of circumstances. This short stands to draw a comparison between the atrocities taking place in Africa with the atrocities being acted out upon this boy and his dog, and believe me it is atrocious to watch. The boy and Inja the wayward wild puppy he finds seem to be the best of friends and just the kind of relationship that each could truly benefit from amidst this slavery and war torn landscape. At the risk of spoiling the rest of the plot, the situation only worsens for the boy and his dog as the story jumps several years into the future, with the boy still in essential slavery and the dog now as vicious as the properties master. It is a very well filmed short and truly engrosses and captivates the audience with little dialogue and truly compelling character situations. Highly recommend taking the seven minutes and checking this one out.


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