PREPARE TO VIEW!Mortal Kombat (2009).

The director of the self made Mortal Kombat trailer that had the internet a buzz, Kevin Tancharoen, is one such success story. Here is a director that has to this day directed movies that were swept up in the big break dance challenge phase, with his only big screen credentials being the movie “Fame”( 2009), “Britney Spears: Live in Miami, and a run as director for several episodes of the series “Pussy Cat Dolls Present: The Sear For The Next Doll”. That being said I was absolutely astounded and aghast that the same director that had previously made these films, somehow make such an outright tour de force with his pitch to direct Mortal Kombat.

The Calm Long Walk Before A Fight to the Death

If you just viewed this and are in as much disbelief as I am I believe the man’s point has been made. It is phenomenal that a director that, given his previous works, said to the industry he himself will fund some scenes and place it on youtube, in short, he was able to make a short feature and pitch it not only to movie executives but also the movie going public. Thanks to the outcry of support the public had for this short he is now commissioned to make a seven episode series of short films based on his take of the Mortal Kombat mythos.

The first “episode” of these shorts establishes the central idea of good versus bad guys with impressive production work and attention to detail. Longtime fans of the series will love the little hints and easter eggs that pop up throughout the short, hinting at what fighters we can expect to see, or maybe its just respect for a well established fan oriented mythos. Whatever the case this short is entertaining and will leave you pining for the next instalment, which is being released soon.


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